Where Does Your Trash Go?

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For many people, the thought of their trash goes out with the trash itself every week. All you need to do is roll your trash cart to the curb, the garbage truck comes, and magically your garbage is gone!

Once your trash is collected from your curbside, it goes on quite the adventure until it reaches its final destination.

This article will discuss the process your trash goes through in Northeast Pennsylvania, from being picked up to being dumped at a landfill.

The Process of Trash Collection

When it is loaded into a garbage truck, your trash is loaded into a hopper which feeds a compactor. The compactor will crush the garbage and squeeze any bits of air out of it. This allows garbage collection services to pack many houses worth of trash into a single truckload.

From there, the trash rides around in the truck while it does its other pickups. A garbage truck can pick up anywhere from 100-1000 stops before it needs to dump, depending on its size.

Trash haulers will dump garbage at one of two different options. They can either take it directly to a landfill, or utilize a transfer station. There are pros and cons of each of these options.

Dumping Your Garbage

If the garbage is dumped at a transfer station, it is typically dumped inside a large indoor facility. From there, it is separated and any recyclable materials are picked out. Then, it is compacted even more and loaded into a large semi truck. Finally, it is trucked to a landfill and dumped.

Many waste haulers utilize a transfer station if their routes are far from a landfill. Transfer stations are like “hubs” where all the trash from that area is dumped and then “transferred” to a landfill using more efficient methods.

If the trash hauler utilizes a landfill, they will typically climb a large mountain made of trash and dump at the top. On average, landfills are less expensive to dump at than transfer stations but also come at a cost. Tire damage is very common in landfills, as well as mud and nasty smells.

Once your trash has been dumped in a landfill, it is compacted once again by using a large trash compacting machine. What once was a heaping pile of garbage has been reduced to a crushed pile of rubbish.

The final step is burial of the garbage. The landfill will usually place a layer of dirt or other material over the trash that has been dumped for that day. This keeps birds and other animals out as well as keeps down odors.

What about recycling?

In 2018, China imposed severe regulations on the types of recyclable goods they will accept. This became a major problem, because for the past 25+ years, China was the world’s largest importer of recyclables.

The underlying issue is the acceptable level of contamination in recyclable goods. With China’s new standards, most recyclables currently have no other destination than the trash.

Until the United States implements its own recycling facilities as well as educating consumers on what can and cannot be properly recycled, recycling will continue to be an issue for the foreseeable future.

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Garbage Collection Service Forty Fort, Pennsylvania
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