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If you live in West Pittston, PA, you know that selecting a trash pickup service provider can be difficult. Many surrounding towns provide waste removal services through the towns themselves. This means that every resident uses the same trash service, theoretically saving everyone money.

In West Pittston, though, it is an open market. This means you are free to choose whoever you would like to pick up your waste every week. Many residents have two different options to choose from:

  • Corporate Hauling Company
  • Pay-Per-Bag Haulers

In this post, we will discuss the pros and cons of the existing trash services, as well as go over a third option!

Corporate Trash Pickup Company

Trash Hauler West Pittston, PA
Large Garbage Company

In recent years, a large company has been used by many residents of West Pittston. Originally, they offered extremely low prices and provided convenient rolling trash totes.

Over time, they have continually increased their prices to almost double what they originally were!

Many residents are upset over these constant price-hikes, and have begun searching for other options. One of the main reasons why the Corporate Hauling Company did so well was that they provided the trash carts and did online statements & billing.


  • Provide trash totes
  • Convenient billing & payment options
  • Reliable service


  • Constant price increases
  • Non-personalized service
  • Customers are just a number

Pay-Per-Bag Haulers

Trash Collection West Pittston, PA
Cheap Garbage Pickup

Other residents of West Pittston choose to support local pay-per-bag hauling companies. These are true mom and pop companies, and are very old-school.

Each week, you leave out however many bags you would like and leave the exact amount of money for the bags under your mat. They will come around, load up your bags, and be on their way.

While this sounds like a great program, it is extremely inconvenient. To have to count how many garbage bags you have and leave out the exact amount of money each week can become cumbersome with our busy lives.

In addition, you need to lug each bag to the curb yourself and they do not provide trash carts.


  • More affordable if you only have 1-2 bags of trash per week
  • Pay-as-you-go


  • Very difficult to contact
  • Below-average customer service
  • Dirty, unprofessional trucks

Prestige Disposal

West Pittston, PA Trash Collection
Waste Pickup Service West Pittston

Prestige Disposal is a true alternative to the existing trash hauling services in West Pittston. The owner is a West Pittston native, and knows the difficulties that residents have with their current trash haulers.

We provide the convenience & value of a large hauling company, with the customer service & pricing of a locally owned business.

All of our customers are provided with convenient, rolling trash totes. We provide electronic billing, statements, and autopay options for all of our customers. In addition, our pricing is extremely competitive and our customer service is top-notch.

Why Choose Us

  • Convenient billing & online payment options
  • All customers are provided with trash totes
  • Competitive trash pickup pricing
  • Best customer service
  • Supporting a locally owned business

We go out of our way to always ensure that our customers have the absolute best experience with our company. To experience the Prestige Disposal difference, call or text us any time at 484-658-3333. Alternatively, you can leave your information in the contact form below for a free quote!

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