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Whether you moved to a new town or are just considering switching garbage companies, there are a few things to consider when making a choice. Not all weekly trash collection services are made equal, so this post will help you make an informed choice!

How To Choose A Trash Service

You may not think about it much, but timely and reliable removal of your garbage is extremely important to the health & beauty of our communities. Imagine if old, stinky garbage bags piled up for weeks – it would be terrible!

Hiring a company to pick up and dispose of your garbage on a weekly basis is an affordable & convenient way to manage your waste. With that said, there are some pros and cons to different companies.


The most important thing to many customers is how much their garbage service is going to cost them. Some people will often-times hire the absolute cheapest company, because garbage pickup is garbage pickup – right?

There is a lot that factors into the price of trash service such as your location, cost per ton of disposing of the waste, market saturation, and if a cart is included.

Remember the old saying, you get what you pay for!


The single most important factor of choosing a garbage service is how reliably they pick up your garbage on your scheduled day.

It is important to consider companies who have a proven record of reliable pickup, and customer testimonials to back it! Obviously, trucks break down and snow on the roads is dangerous for trash collection.

With that said, if the company you are considering has a bad track record, you may want to look elsewhere!

Locally Owned vs Large Corporation

Over the last 20 years, more and more waste management companies have been acquired by large trash giants! This means less choices for customers, and higher prices overall.

In addition, many of these large companies are headquartered in different states or even countries! Instead of keeping money in your local economy, it is being sent to these out of the area giants.

Customer Service

If you ever have a problem with service or a question, we all know how annoying it is to sit on hold and talk with someone not local. When you choose a locally owned garbage company, you will have a direct line to one of their office personnel, who can assist you much better than a large company can.

Small Benefits

A cheaper company may not supply you with a trash cart and require you to leave cash out every week when they haul your bags of garbage away with a pickup truck. A slightly higher-priced company will give their customers garbage totes and use a real garbage truck to haul away your waste.

The use of uniform trash cans and real garbage trucks helps give everything a neat appearance. In addition, it keeps from trash blowing out of a pickup truck as it drives down the road.

Most legitimate garbage companies will offer monthly billing instead of leaving cash out each week which can get cumbersome.

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Waste Management Service in Tunkhannock, PA

Making The Choice

As you can see, there are a lot of things to take into consideration when choosing a waste removal service! It is important to balance price vs service, as well as consider other things mentioned above.

If you are located in Northeast Pennsylvania, consider Prestige Disposal for your weekly trash pickup needs. We service West Pittston, Forty Fort, Tunkhannock, Nicholson, Factoryville, Harding, and more!

We are locally owned and have a track record of great service and reliability. All of our customers receive a trash tote for weekly service and we also offer convenient monthly billing!

Give us a try and experience the Prestige Disposal difference today! You can call or text us any time at 484-658-3333. Alternatively, you can leave your information in the contact form below for a free quote!

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