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Residential Garbage Collection


We provide residential trash pickup services! What sets us apart is we provide rollout trash bins to each customer just like the big trash removal companies. With that said, our rates are typically lower and we have much better customer service to boot.

With our services ranging from $27.50-38.50/month depending on the size of your container, we will save you money! In addition, you never have to worry about missed trash pickup or bad customer service again.

Commercial Waste Services


If you are a business, you know how important it is to save money and still have a good level of service. Many large hauling companies force businesses to sign 3-5 year long trash removal contracts!

At Prestige Disposal, we have a no-contract commercial waste removal option as well as short-term contracts. This helps ensure that we are always providing a great service at a competitive price to all of our customers. We are the best value for your business’s trash collection needs.

Contact us today for a free quote to get your trash handled!

Business Dumpster Service in Kingston PA
Household Waste Collection

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    Bulk Item Pickup

    FROM $10

    We know a thing or two about bulk item pickup services. We offer this service at an extremely low-cost to our existing customers for curbside pickup. In addition, we also offer bulk pickup on demand to anybody who requests this service!

    From removing a single piece of furniture from the curb to emptying an entire house – Prestige Disposal is the one to call.

    Bulk Item Collection Service
    dumpster rental wilkes barre pennsylvania

    Dumpster Rental

    FROM $425

    If you are cleaning out a house, doing remodeling, or just cleaning up – our dumpster rental service is great for you! Our prices are competitive, and our customer service cannot be beat.

    We offer dumpster rental in sizes ranging from 15 yards through 40 yards!

    At Prestige Disposal, our trucks are smaller than other dumpster companies. This means we drop off and pick up dumpsters in areas that other services cannot.