General FAQs

What Holidays are observed by Prestige Disposal?

The holidays listed below are observed each year. All pick up days that land on the holiday will operate on a one day delay for that week.
New Year’s Day
Memorial Day
Independence Day
Thanksgiving Day
Christmas Day

What happens in the event of inclement weather?

In the event of inclement weather, your pick up will be delayed by one day.  Please check our website and Facebook page for weather delay updates and cancellations.

When will my trash be picked up?

Our hours of operation for pick-ups are 5 am – 6 pm. Please put your trash and/or recycling out the night before to avoid being missed.

How much weight can I put into my container?

50 lbs is the maximum weight for your container on a weekly basis.  Anything that exceeds this weight will be subject to overage fees.

How much can I put into my container?

Containers can be filled to the top, but not overflowing, without incurring extra fees.  Any customer that places extra bags outside of the container will be charged a fee of $4 /bag.  Please email us at [email protected]before your pickup day to let us know about any overflow.

Do you take bulk items?

Yes, we do take bulk items for an additional cost.  For accurate pricing, please email [email protected] with any pictures of what you are looking to dispose of.

What is NOT accepted in residential trash?

No construction or building materials. This includes bricks, stones, wood, concrete, shingles, and cement.
No hazardous materials- including but not limited to paint and batteries.
No small appliances- such as computers and TVs.
No hot ashes.
No landscaping debris, dirt, or soil.

What if my road is not plowed?

If your specific road is impassable for our garbage trucks due to snow & ice, we will skip your stop until the next week and take both week’s trash. Safety is our number 1 priority.

My trash can smells. Can you exchange it?

If you would like a fresh trash can, we charge a $50 exchange fee to remove your old can and to bring you a fresh new one. This covers the cost of providing this service as well as reconditioning your old can for reuse.

Billing & Account Handling

What day do you bill?

We bill on the first day of the month

When is my payment due?

Monthly bills are due by the 1st of each month. After the 10th of each month, there will be a automated text message sent as a reminder to pay if it is not done so already

How do you handle past due accounts?

We realize that everyone forgets, especially newer customers receiving their bill for the first time. So, we try to be reasonable with our past due process without being too loose:
We suspend service after 30 days of non-payment unless there is an arrangement made by the collector and the customer.
First time past due accounts are given the benefit of the doubt and left active until the next billing cycle. These are not hard and fast rules. Payment history, size of balance, and customer loyalty are all taken into account when we go through this process.

Why didn’t anyone contact me about my bill being past due?

It’s hard not to be blunt with this answer, so here it goes. The bill has the due date on it, that is the reminder. We’re a small business and being a small business we need to use everyone’s time efficiently. Calling past due accounts that received a bill with the due date on it is not an efficient use of time. We do send out automated reminders via text and email if a card gets declined, or if a payment is missed

What is the “Late Fee Charge” on my bill?

A $7.50 late charge will be added each month on any unpaid balances

Can I give my payment to the driver on route?

We do not accept payment on route. Please call in, mail in, or or pay online payment to our office.

Can I schedule a payment if I do not want the card ran on the 1st of the month?

Yes, but a friendly reminder that if the bill is not paid by the 10th of the month (unless there is an previous payment arrangement between hauler and customer), a $7.50 late fee will be added to your bill.
This is how to set up a payment date:
1. Go to www.trashbilling.com
2. Enter you web ID number (this can be found on your monthly bill)
3. Go to “Sign up for Auto-Pay”
4. Enter your card number and set the date of payment

Where do I find my and customer ID number for Online Bill Pay?

Your customer ID number can be found on your bill that is emailed on the 1st of every month.
To pay a bill, go to www.trashbilling.com

Do you save my credit card information?

We don’t personally save any credit card info at our office or in our computer system. However, we do offer an auto-pay system through our Online Bill Pay program that allows our monthly billed customers to sign up and have their payments taken automatically on the due date. Once entered, we do not have access to the credit card info other than expiration date, and last four digits.

How much does extra trash/bulk items cost?

Click on the link below to find out what items we take and the price for each.

Why didn’t I receive a notice that there would be a rate increase?

Unfortunately, we don’t receive notice of tonnage rate increases from the disposal facilities until the end of the year when it’s too late to notify our entire customer base effectively and efficiently. We’ve also found that a notice prior to the increase tends to raise more questions than just sending the bill. Those who are going to complain about the increase when they get the bill are the same ones who complain when they get the notice, so it really doesn’t make much difference there either. Our increases are normally small, only a few dollars difference a year, and are mainly based on the disposal facilities’ increases. We only raise the rates we need to raise the amount we need to raise them to continue to do business.

Residential Service

What can’t be put out for pick-up?

Electronics (Computers, TVs, Peripherals)
Wet paint, oil, or flammable materials
Asbestos products
Large batteries
Clean Fill Material (Rock, Block, Brick, Dirt)
These items will be left on site. 

What if I have bulk items or clean-out waste?

We can take bulk items and clean-out waste permitting there isn’t enough to warrant a Clean-Up Bag or a Roll-Off container. Please notify us prior to placing this type of waste out so we can notify our drivers.

What is typical household waste?

The normal waste from the typical kitchen, bathroom, and day to day living. We view it as the stuff that every household generates on a day to day basis.

What is non-typical household waste?

Anything that every household wouldn’t produce on a day to day basis. The most common things we see is bulk trash and bulk items like clean-out waste and furniture, dense materials like kitty litter, yard waste, and burn ash, and construction debris. We can take these items and materials, however there may be additional charges for the bulk and weight.

What is considered overweight and how do you determine overweight?

Any single bag or can that is greater than 40 pounds is considered overweight. Our drivers are trained on determining weight by hand. 40 pounds is equivalent to the weight of a 5 gallon bucket of water. A basic rule of thumb is if you pick it up and think it’s heavy then it’s overweight and should be split into multiple bags.

Do I have to schedule a bulk pickup?

Please call before 24 hours before your pickup day, this way we can notify our drivers of the item/items that need to be picked up. We do not offer same day pickups.
If you schedule a pickup and decide to cancel it, you will have to give a 24 hour notice or we cannot remove the charge for the item from your account

How often do you pick-up?

All pick-up is weekly. Please refer to our website for your pickup day.

Can I get a rearload dumpster at my house?

Yes, go to our website, click on the “Sign up for Service” button on the main page and select “commercial service”.
If you are at a residential address, we require 3 months of payment upfront, as well as a signature on our service agreement stating that you understand these dumpsters are permanent and cannot be used for short term rentals.

Do you offer short term dumpster rentals?

Yes, we offer 7 day rolloff dumpster rentals.
Go to our website, click the “Sign up for Service” button, and select “Rolloff”. You will find what size dumpsters we offer, as well as prices.

Do you offer recycling.

No, we do not

When should I put my trash out?

The night before your pick-up day.

Where should I place my trash for pick-up?

Trash should be placed within reaching distance of the curb along the street or road your house is addressed to unless otherwise directed.

What do I do if I forgot to put my trash out?

Please call us as soon as possible. We may have a driver nearby that can get it. In the event that we do not, please hold your waste until the following week.

I just signed up fro service, when will my trash can be delivered?

We do all our deliveries on Thursdays or Fridays.

Why wasn’t my trash picked up?

If your trash wasn’t picked up there are a few common reasons:
Past due balance
Not out in time
If none of these things apply to you there is a possibility that we simply missed it, which can happen for a variety of reasons.

How do I keep trash from freezing in my can?

Keep lid closed
Don’t dispose of liquid
Keep your trash bagged
Spray the inside of your can/cart with anti-stick spray/oil

Do I need to use trashbags?

We prefer that you use trashbags.
Sometimes we send a pickup truck around to collect missed stops, but we cannot throw loose trash into the truck bed.

Commercial & Industrial Service

Can I move my dumpster?

Although we don’t recommend moving your dumpster, yes, you may. However, you must make sure it is returned to it’s normal pick-up location the night before your pick-up day. If you would like to move your container to a new spot for pick-up please call and let us know prior.

What cannot go in my dumpster?

Tech electronics
wet paint/oil
flammable materials
fill materials (rock, block, stone, dirt, bricks, etc.)
Anything longer/wider than the container
White Goods
Heavy Construction Debris
Large Batteries

The driver emptied my dumpster, but why is there still trash in it?

During the winter months when temperatures are at freezing or below, the loosed trash will get stuck to the bottom. We will try our best to get as much trash out as possible, but there is only so much we can do without a torch/ice pick.
During the warmer months, this should never be an issue.

Can I put construction debris in my rearload dumpster?

Light construction debris (a few small scraps of wood/dry wall, plastic wrapping, saw dust, etc.) is acceptable in rearload dumpsters. Heavy construction debris (large amounts of drywall, plaster/lathe, wood pieces larger than a 4×4 and over 12″ in length, concrete, brick, etc.) is not acceptable in dumpsters. No construction debris is accepted in carts.

Do you offer monthly or on call pickup?

We only empty dumpsters on weekly or biweekly basis since trash left at the bottom of the container for an extended period of time can ruin the dumpsters.

How much room do you need around the dumpster?

We need 3 feet of space around the sides and back of the container for safe operation, and a clear lane of travel to back in to the front.

My dumpster was blocked on my pickup day, can you come back?

If fuel and labor rates were lower, possibly. However, our responsibility is to pick up the garbage, it is the customer’s responsibility to make sure we can access the garbage. If you are not sure what time the driver will empty the dumpster, call the office to find out a rough time so you can plan accordingly.
There is only so much time we can spend at a stop, so waiting for the dumpster to be unblocked while the driver is there is not likely. We will be back the following week regardless of your pickup schedule.

What if I have more waste than fits in my dumpster?

This depends on the type of waste and how frequent the dumpster/cart is overfilled. If appropriate extra charges will apply. If the cart or dumpster is regularly overfilled we recommend upgrading to a larger container.

Why was my dumpster not dumped?

The most common reasons for a dumpster not being dumped are: 
The dumpster was not accessible due to road/driveway conditions, or being blocked by vehicles or other items.
There were non-permissible items in the container the operator could not safely or efficiently remove.
The dumpster was placed in a different place than usual that was not obvious and we were not notified.

Why does the driver keep moving my dumpster, or not putting it back?

This often happens when containers must be moved in order to dump them, but are routinely too heavy to safely move, or if the customer continues to push a dumpster against a structure that it must be pulled away prior to dumping. If the driver moves the container, please leave it where they place it or return it to that location for pick-up day.

Temporary Use Containers

Who can get a Temporary Use Roll-Off Container at their site?

Our Temporary Use Roll-Off service is designed for property clean-ups and construction/demo job sites. Virtually anyone in our service area can get a temporary use container as long as there is room to deliver one on their property.

How long can you keep a temporary use container?

We offer 5 day rentals, longer rental period prices can be found on our website.

Can I put ashes, dirt, masonry products, vegetation or other like materials in my roll-off?

We handle these situations on a case by case basis. There are some restrictions on ash, dirt, masonry product, and vegetation disposal in certain areas and circumstances. If you have any of these materials please bring this to our attention prior to putting them in the container.

How high can an open top roll-off be filled?

Containers can be filled level with the top rail of the container, but no higher. This is not only our rule, but a DOT rule and disposal facility rule. Containers filled above the top rail are considered an overloaded/insecure load and will not be hauled until fixed by the customer.

What time do you deliver/pull containers?

We do not give specific times for container pulls or deliveries. Our roll-off truck routing is done on a daily basis depending on the jobs scheduled for the day. Even estimated times can vary based on turn around time as the disposal facility, road conditions, and other variables. However, we can give you a call a half hour to an hour prior to arrival.

What kind of accessibility do you need to deliver/pull a container?

To access or deliver a container we must have a clear path on a solid surface to the site and at least 3x the length of the container in a straight line to load/unload the container.
Although we prefer to have 3 feet all the way around the container we do understand that things can be tight and will operate in tighter spots if necessary. However, if we feel that we cannot safely deliver or pull a container due to space restrictions we will require the surrounding items to be moved.
We must be able to access the front of the container (opposite end from the door) in order to pull the container as that is the only hook up location.

How much is a temporary use container?

Cost depends on size and location. Our temporary use containers come as a package that includes delivery, pick-up, rental time, and a certain amount tonnage based on container size.
If the load exceeds the tonnage amount included in the package the over tonnage will be billed at the tonnage rate specified for your area and waste type. 
For contractors with established credit accounts other fee structures can be arranged.

When do I pay for the temporary use container?

Being that we offer our temporary use containers as a package deal, we require payment up front. Any tonnage overage charges will be billed after the job is complete and the container is weighed/dumped. Time extensions are due at the time the extension is made.

What size roll-off containers do you offer?

Our standard container is 15 yds
For inquiries on different sizes, please call our office

How soon can I get a roll-off delivered?

Availability fluctuates. Generally, we can get you a container within a couple of days, however in the busier months this may vary.

Other Questions

Can we bring trash to your facility?

No, we are not a disposal facility and waste cannot be brought here to be disposed of.

Do you offer rearload dumpsters for temporary use?

No, rearload dumpsters are for commercial/industrial use only.