Why Commercial Waste Contracts Are A Scam

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At Prestige Disposal, we receive many calls from customers who are frustrated with poor service & high prices with their commercial waste management provider. We often-times discover that these customers are locked into a 3-5 year contract with a big waste management corporation.

One-Sided Contracts

If you take a gander through many of the commercial dumpster service contracts large haulers make customer sign, you can tell they are very one-sided.

They lock customers into a long term agreement but leave open the possibility for rate increases. In addition, unless the company provides absolutely terrible service there is no way to break the contract!

The large commercial waste haulers justify contracts as a way to guarantee service. At our company, we believe that by doing a good job at a competitive rate we will retain our customers – not by locking them into a contract!

Local Commercial Waste Haulers

Whether you go with Prestige Disposal or one of our local competitors, you will more than likely not have to sign a contract. Only the big corporate haulers make you sign these contracts. They are afraid smaller companies such as us will swoop in and take all their business.

When you choose a local dumpster service, you are often-times supporting a small business. This provides jobs and stimulates the economy in your local area! In addition, small companies can provide higher levels of service & customization to your needs.

The BEST Commercial Waste Service

Prestige Disposal is rapidly becoming the Northeast Pennsylvania area’s premier waste hauler. With our expansion into providing rearload dumpsters, we can haul waste from businesses, offices, apartments, restaurants, and more!

Unlike many small waste hauling companies, we have a large fleet to provide consistent, reliable service. Never wait to have your dumpster emptied due to a broken down truck!

We never require contracts for any of our services. Give us a call today at 484-658-3333! Alternatively you can fill out the contact form to get a quote for your commercial waste management needs.

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