Winter Garbage Collection Woes

garbage collection service forty fort pa
One of our trucks slid off the road

Old Man Winter has officially set in, and we are all feeling it! Freezing temperatures, constant snowing, and the dangers of driving are some of the things we all face during winter-time.

For garbage collection, things are especially tough when the snow falls! For our in-town routes such as West Pittston, Forty Fort, and Wilkes-Barre, we can collect the trash in almost any weather.

When the snow flies on our rural route days in Tunkhannock, Factoryville, Nicholson, and Meshoppen – things get very dangerous! Many of the roads in these areas are not plowed and salted which makes it very likely to slide into a ditch.

Our garbage trucks can weigh up to 58,000lbs, and they are terrible in the snow. Because of this, driving during bad weather conditions is dangerous for our employees and puts other people on the road at risk.

What we do when it snows

commercial business dumpster service wilkes barre pa
Emptying a dumpster in Wilkes-Barre, PA

We watch the weather forecasts very closely, and try to plan for snow and ice well in advance. If we get enough snow to make the routes dangerous, we will either delay collection to later in the day or push back the collection date by 1 day.

The downside of pushing back collection day even if by one day is all the other routes that week will be pushed back by 1 day as well. We try to avoid doing this at all costs, but due to the weather conditions this winter it is sometimes unavoidable.

How you can help this winter

weekly trash collection service factoryville pa
One of our garbage trucks stuck in Factoryville, PA

When we do get snow, you can help us be sure to collect your trash safely and reliably! If you are a residential customer, we ask that your trash tote not be buried with snow so our employees can safely move it.

If you have dumpster service through us, it is important that the roadway/driveway/parking lot where the dumpster is has the snow plowed and salted to prevent ice. Our trucks do not like ice…

In addition, please do not plow snow to block the dumpsters as our trucks cannot access them to empty them.

We’re all in this together!

garbage collection dumpster service in wilkes barre pa
Commercial dumpster service Wilkes-Barre, PA

Nobody likes to deal with the cold, snow, and ice that winter brings with it! We don’t have control over the weather, and we can only do as much as our trucks can safely do in bad weather conditions.

Our company prides itself on reliable, timely service and never missing pickups. Unfortunately, during the winter that is almost impossible to accomplish but we try our best anyway!

Once better weather rolls around, you can expect the timely, reliable service to resume. Until then, please understand that we take the safety of our employees and other drivers seriously. This winter has been tough, but it will be 70 and sunny soon enough!

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