Garbage Collection Service Nicholson PA
Residential & Commercial Trash Collection Nicholson, Pennsylvania

Are you tired of your current trash hauler? Did you just move to the Nicholson area and have yet to find a reliable trash collection service?

Prestige Disposal offers residential & commercial trash pickup services throughout Wyoming County! Our rates are competitive, and we supply all of our customers with a rolling trash tote.

About Nicholson, PA

Nicholson, Pennsylvania is a very scenic town nestled in the mountains of Wyoming County. It is most well-known for the “Nicholson Bridge” or Tunkhannock Viaduct.

The town is mostly residential, with a few small businesses supporting the town. There is a major need for a reliable, affordable trash collection service to pick up garbage in Nicholson.

Locally Owned Trash Service

Unlike the big corporations, we are a local family run business. This means that whenever there is an issue or question, you can call us directly and not sit on hold. In addition, by supporting a local trash hauler, you are keeping money in our local economy!

With Prestige Disposal, you will receive a higher level of trash collection service at a competitive monthly rate.

Nicholson Trash Pickup Pricing

Our pricing for refuse removal is competitive and you get the most bang-for-your-buck with us! For example, while we may be only $2/month cheaper than a large hauler, you will get personalized service.

In addition, we know each of our customers by name and go out of our way to make sure your experience with our company is a great one. No surcharges, no fine print, no hassles.

Each and every one of our residential customers are supplied with a durable, wheeled trash tote. While other haulers charge for these totes, your use of the cart is included in your monthly price!

While a pay-per-bag trash pickup system sounds great on paper, unless you only put out 1-2 bags per week you are typically overpaying for trash service. In addition, it can be confusing & time-consuming to keep track of how many bags you use and what you owe your garbage company.

With Prestige Disposal, we charge a flat monthly rate for weekly emptying of your trash tote.

Our 65 gallon trash totes hold 5 kitchen bags and cost $30/month with weekly service. The 95 gallon trash totes hold 8 kitchen bags and cost $35/month with weekly service.

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Garbage Pickup Service in Nicholson PA

Sign Up For Trash Collection Service

We provide trash collection services to the greater Nicholson area! Even if you don’t think we service your area, give us a call anyway. We may be able to service your location.

You can get a quote and sign up for our trash collection service by either calling us at 484-658-3333 or by filling out the contact form below. A representative will be in contact with you within 20 minutes, and we can start your trash service same-day!

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    Trash Service FAQs

    What do you charge for trash pickup?

    In the Nicholson area, our rates start at $30/month for a 65 gallon trash cart emptied weekly.

    Do you service my area?

    We most likely do! Give us a call to check, but we do service almost all of the Wyoming County area.

    Do you offer bulk pickup?

    Our company always offers bulk pickup services. Simply call ahead of time so we are ready to haul your trash away!

    Do I need to sign a contract?

    Never! We never require our customers to sign any type of contract locking them in with our company. We have competitive rates & excellent service so we know customers will continue to use us.